Simulation Construction Set installation files are below. A few notes: You’ll probably need to have some good familiarity with Java, .jar and .dll files, setting up classpaths, etc. If not, you’ll likely need to get some help from a Java guru to get everything working. We are currently working toward making everything easier to install.

Note that the Simulation Construction Set is NOT backward compatible. We often do pretty extensive refactoring of the code base to improve the design and API. It is usually pretty straightforward to update your software to run on a new version, but it may take some work. We apologize, but do not want to paralyze improvements by requiring backward compatibility from version to version.

We plan to eventually set up a user community page. For now please email us with questions, but please try to get help from a Java guru before emailing us.

Last update: September 4, 2013.

IHMC/Yobotics jar files. Download these, unzip, and make sure they are in your class path:


JavaDoc for the .jar files above. Unzip this and open index.html in a browser to see the JavaDoc.


Third party jar files. Download and unzip the multipart zip file that contains the third party jar files for using SCS. This was created using Winzip, so you may need Winzip to unzip it. Then make sure to include all the .jar files in the classpath and the .dll files in the binary path. There are quite a number of third party libraries here. In some cases it may be best to find an originating web page for a library and install it from there. Note that there are Windows 32 bit and Windows 64 bit binaries here. For binaries for other operating systems, you’ll need to find the originating web page of the package. Once again, you may need to find a Java guru to help you set up the library .jar and .dll files.


Example Simulations. Download and unzip the example simulations. The source code for several simulations are here. If everything is set up correctly you should be able to run these simulations. Use these simulations as documentation of examples of how to use the Simulation Construction Set. You should be able to pattern match them to create your own simulations. When making a new simulation, make sure to unzip the JMEGraphics3DAdapterResources zip file and add the results to the run directory, typically the top level directory of your simulation.


Good luck and happy simulating! Let us know at if you make some cool simulations.

Old Versions for archive purposes only. Please use the newest versions. We do not support the old versions at all.