Study Participation

Human Health, Resilience & Performance Team

The range of advanced research studies at IHMC are made possible by community members that offer their time to study participation. IHMC Human Health and Resilience Research (HHRP) Team is recruiting subjects for various ongoing and future studies, listed below. If you are interested in any of the studies, select the study, read through the study details, and complete eligible participant intake information. If you are eligible to participate, our recruitment team will be communication with you about participation details. We appreciate your interest and commitment to our research!


Participation Opportunities

IHMC HHRP Research: IHMC HHRP is conducting multiple research projects related to human health, resilience, and performance for ongoing advancements in Aerospace, Department of Defense, and beyond. IHMC is comprised of a world class interdisciplinary researchers team examining cognition, applied physiology, and biomedical research. Ongoing research efforts involve computational biology, cognitive neuroscience, performance optimization, metabolism, rehabilitation, and exercise physiology.


Evaluating Potential Benefits of Intranasal Oxytocin on Undersea Operator Training and Performance: Hyperoxic Swim-Induced Oxidative Stress and Inflammation

Description: This study will test whether intranasal oxytocin will mitigate attenuate system and skeletal muscle stress and inflammation induced by a resistance swim and exposure to elevated oxygen levels simulating undersea military operation. Over a 12-14 day period, subjects will attend 7 laboratory visits, utilize oxytocin or placebo, and perform one resistance exercise swim.

Study Details and Eligibility

Evaluating Potential Benefits of Intranasal Oxytocin on Undersea Operator Training and Performance: Cold Water Task Performance and Recovery

Description: This study will examine the effect of oxytocin on physical performance in the context of cold water exposure. Participants will be asked to sit in a cold tub of 50° F water while performing eye tracking and manual dexterity assessments. Participants will also be asked to perform physical tasks of a weighted treadmill ruck and a simulated ladder climb following the cold water exposure. Study participation will take place over the course of about three weeks and require three visits. The study will require a time commitment of approximately 10 hours total.

Study Details and Eligibility
cold water task performance