Matt Johnson

Research Scientist

Matt Johnson has been a researcher with IHMC since 2002. Matt is passionate about making robotic systems more flexible, resilient and effective through human-machine teamwork. In support of this, he is interested in robot control theory, human-centered computing, human factors, and interface design. Currently Matt is involved in several projects:

  • National Robotics Initiative: Toward Humanoid Avatar for Co-exploration of Hazardous Environments
    • As cool as it sounds…getting humanoid robots to do cool stuff.
    • We are looking forward to partnering with NASA’s humanoid robot based on Robonaut in the next phase.
  • The DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC)
    • The DRC is an international humanoid robotics competition. IHMC did very well in the first phase (see results). We will be using an Atlas robot for Phase 2 and 3.
  • AFRL Micro-Air Vehicles
    • Matt is the PI on this project which is focused on enabling UAVs to operate in complex environments via human-machine teamwork.
  • NASA rotorcraft noise minimization
    • Matt is the PI on this project which is focused on using planning techniques to find reduced noise trajectories for rotorcraft.

Previous projects include:

  • OZ flight display
  • DARPA Augmented Cognition project
  • NASA Human-Robot Teamwork
  • DARPA Learning Locomotion.
  • Applying semantic technologies to support information gathering and sharing

Matt has a PhD in Computer Science, a M.S. in Computer Science and a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering. Matt retired from the Navy after 20 years of service as a Naval Aviator flying both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. When not working on robots for IHMC he enjoys playing soccer.

For more details visit Matt’s website.