IHMC’s Ken Ford leads ketosis session at Targeting Metabesity Conference 2022

IHMC’s founder and CEO Dr. Ken Ford will be one of more than 70 speakers at a virtual conference on Targeting Metabesity.

Also speaking at the conference is Dr. Morley Stone, the former Chief Technology Officer for the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and former Senior Vice President for Research at Ohio State University, who is now IHMC’s Chief Strategic Partnership Officer.

At the Oct. 10 to 13 conference, Ford will moderate a session on emerging research related to endogenous and exogenous ketosis in health and disease as well as the role of ketones in mild traumatic brain injury and the prevention and treatment of cancer. His session begins at 1:15 p.m. (EDT) on Oct. 12.

The conference will feature experts talking about the growing evidence that the major chronic diseases of the day share common metabolic roots and as a result may also share common solutions.

The conference features many former guests on STEM-Talk, the IHMC podcast that Ford co-hosts with Dr. Dawn Kernagis. STEM-Talk listeners are being offered free admission to the conference. Follow this link where you will find instructions on how to receive a code for complimentary tickets.

Former STEM-Talk guests who are participating in the conference:

  • Steven Austad, who studies virtually every aspect of aging. He is a distinguished professor and chair of the Department of Biology at the University of Alabama, Birmingham.
  • Colin Champ, a radiation oncologist at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Center, and author of a book about the role of nutrition and exercise has in cancer treatment.
  • James Kirkland, a geriatrics specialist and researcher at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, who is known for his research into the role that senescence and senescent cells have on age-related dysfunction and chronic disease.
  • John Newman, a geriatrician and researcher who is well-known for a 2017 study that found a ketogenic diet reduced the mid-life mortality of aging mice while also improving their memory and healthspan.
  • Dr Brianna Stubbs, a scientist and world-class athlete who researched the effects of ketone drinks on elite athletes. She helped the company HVMN Ketone roll out an FDA-approved drink that promises increased athletic ability as well as heightened focus and energy.
  • Jeff Volek, a researcher, professor at Ohio State University, and founder and the chief science officer of Virta Health, an online specialty medical clinic dedicated to reversing diabetes.

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