VR Team Shooting Game and Cognitive Tests

Enjoy video games? Looking for a competitive challenge with some of your friends? Join us for a few hours of fun while contributing to cutting-edge research focused on enhancing the diagnosis of concussions and mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBIs).

VR Shooting Task

We are investigating our new virtual reality (VR) team shooting task, designed as an assessment tool for identifying and understanding concussions and mTBIs. By participating, you will assist us in validating the task against established concussion assessments and exploring the neurological signals associated with teamwork.

Groups of 4 volunteers are encouraged to sign-up together. Individuals or groups without a full team will be paired with others by study coordinators.

Time Commitment:

Approximately 3.5–4 hours for a single, in-person visit.

Study Description:

This research study focuses on evaluating the reliability of our Virtual Integrated Social Task (VISTa), a novel, communication-based assessment developed to identify mTBI and other types of neurodegenerative conditions. Participants will undergo two versions of VISTa- a single-person computer-based test and a team-based VR shooting test with three teammates. Additionally, participants will complete a couple of surveys and two standard concussion assessments.


Upon completion, participants will receive a $100 gift card for their time and involvement.

Eligibility Criteria:

To participate, you must be:

  • A healthy adult aged 18–40 years old.
  • Capable of providing informed consent.
  • Fluent in English (reading, writing, and speaking).
  • Able to stand and perform light exercise for 2+ hours without issue.

Exclusion Criteria:

You may not participate if you:

  • Have uncorrected vision, blindness, or color blindness.
  • Have severe or uncorrected hearing loss.
  • Have any known acute or chronic health condition (e.g. neurological, cardiovascular, respiratory, psychiatric, musculoskeletal, etc.).
  • Are actively being treating by a medical provider for concussion or traumatic brain injury.
  • Have experienced a fracture or musculoskeletal injury within the last 3 months, which may impede your physical ability to undergo testing.
  • Have a health condition or limitation that may hinder your physical ability to undergo testing.
  • Have a history of sensitivity or adverse reactions to VR systems, including motion sickness like symptoms.
  • Present any other condition or concern deemed by the experimenter(s) or yourself to comprise the safety of conducting testing.

Interested in participating? Ready to get started?

Complete our screening survey to verify your eligibility to participate!

Your participation in this research study is strictly voluntary. You can choose not to participate or to discontinue your participation at any time, for any reason. Your participation will have no influence on anything that falls outside of this research context.

Want to learn more or have questions?

Please reach out to us at vista@studies.ihmc.org. You can also find an information sheet describing the study below.