Hacking for Good Guys by Adam Dalton, IHMC

December 2, 2017

The December Science Saturday, Hacking for Good Guys, was presented by Adam Dalton, Research Associate at IHMC. For the first time, IHMC included 6th graders in a Science Saturday event. Students learned the difference between illegal hacking and hacking for legitimate reasons - for example, discovering vulnerabilities in critical network infrastructure. They played a computer game called Hacknet that walked them through concepts used in the real world, like using a scanner to map a network and creating proxies to avoid detection. We appreciate the participation of high-school student volunteers from Forest, Vanguard, and West Port High Schools. We also are grateful for the generosity of the Fall 2017 premier sponsor, Cox, and the Fall 2017 season sponsors, Lockheed Martin and Ron and Phylis Ewers.