Computer Game Design by Dr. Kristy Hollingshead, IHMC

April 29, 2017

April Science Saturday was "Computer Game Design", presented by Dr. Kristy Hollingshead, Research Scientist at IHMC in Ocala. Working in teams of two, students learned basic programming skills in the context of computer games. Over half of the students had never programmed before - but working at their own pace, all were able to complete a succession of increasingly difficult programming challenges. The photos show the intensity of engagement of the participants as they had fun with hands-on STEM. This season of Science Saturdays was sponsored by the Escambia County Sherrif’s Office with State Law Enforcement Trust Fund Monies and by Gulf Power. IHMC appreciates the generosity of these sponsors and participation of high-school student volunteers from Pensacola High School and Gulf Breeze High School, all of whom helped to make this season of Science Saturdays possible.