Airport display showcases IHMC Research

The next time you’re passing through the Pensacola International Airport, be sure to check out the IHMC research display. Several IHMC robots, including the M2V2 humanoid, Spring Flamingo, Mina Exoskeleton, and tBot, will be on display at the airport on a rotating basis.

The display case is located at the main entrance of the airport next to the escalator. There is a monitor above the display case that highlights many areas of IHMC’s research. Brix Design in downtown Pensacola designed and fabricated the acrylic case that houses the robots.

The current robot in the display is M2V2, developed by IHMC in collaboration with the MIT Leg Laboratory, Yobotics, Bucknell University, Delft University of Technology, University of Michigan, and Honda Research Institute. It will be featured until the Spring of 2018.

The next robot on display will be the NASA-IHMC X1 Mina Exoskeleton, a robotic device developed for mobility assistance for abled and disabled users. We also will continue to update the video feed on the monitor to showcase new IHMC research.

Please let us know your thoughts as you view this display and be sure to tell friends to stop by next time they are at the airport.