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Colin Champ

THE TALK: Fighting Cancer with Food and Fitness

November 13, 2018


As educated members of society, we are consistently inundated with conflicting reports when it comes to which foods and activities are healthy or unhealthy – one day wine will help us to live forever like Southern Italians, the next day it will give us cancer. Regardless of the conflicting reports, we have a century of studies indicating which lifestyle activities can prime our body and its cells to fight cancer, and the results are surprisingly inconsistent with much of what we have been told for the past four decades. Interest in the science on the influence of our food and activities to help prevent cancer is undergoing a renaissance, with many of the older unknown studies revisited and confirmed by modern research. Several dietary and lifestyle activities have been shown to enhance our ability to fight cancer: fasting, carbohydrate restriction, high baseline activity levels, resistance training, vegetables teeming with defensive chemicals, and a low-carbohydrate/ketogenic diet have been shown to help prevent cancer in animal and human studies. In this presentation, Dr. Champ discusses the research revealing the impact these lifestyle habits can have in the fight against cancer.


Colin Champ M.D. is an oncologist and Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Pittsburgh, where he practices radiation oncology and integrative medicine. He researches the impact of diet and exercise on cancer incidence and treatment and has presented his research around the world. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine and has published 45 articles in peer-reviewed journals, including the New England Journal of Medicine. He founded the Cancer Prevention Project to provide the public with recommendations to help prevent cancer through tangible lifestyle changes.

Dr. Champ began viewing medicine and health with a critical eye during his studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and he continues to question current medical studies and recommendations for scientific backing. He has an uncanny ability to synthesize complex health topics to make them understandable and entertaining and blogs on his website, colinchamp.com. He is author of the Amazon Bestseller Misguided Medicine: Second Edition and has been featured in many media outlets including the Boston Globe, the National Cancer Institute, the Gupta Guide with Sanjay Gupta, and the American Society for Clinical Oncology.

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