Evening Lectures - Ocala

Tom Jones

THE TALK: Beyond Earth: Humanity’s Future In Space

March 9, 2023


Human spaceflight beyond Earth is certain to be an important area of international economic and technical competition over the next two decades. Sharing an astronaut’s orbital perspective, shuttle flier and space scientist Tom Jones describes the technology and commercial breakthroughs that will open space to more expansive scientific exploration, tourism, and an explosive growth of business activity on and around the Moon, the asteroids, and Mars.


Thomas D. Jones, PhD, is a veteran NASA astronaut, scientist, author, pilot, and speaker. In more than eleven years with NASA, he flew on four space shuttle missions to Earth orbit. In 2001, Dr. Jones led three spacewalks to install the centerpiece of the International Space Station, the American Destiny laboratory. He has spent fifty-three days working and living in space.

A Distinguished Graduate of the Air Force Academy, Tom piloted B-52D strategic bombers, earned a doctorate in planetary sciences from the University of Arizona, studied asteroids and robotic exploration missions for NASA, and engineered intelligence-gathering systems for the CIA.