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Art De Vany

THE TALK: Renewing Cycles: Healing the wounds of aging through improved cellular defense and systemic renewal signaling

December 1, 2016


The human species is a young species, no more than 200,000 years old; we are also the first species to live long enough to experience aging and significant brain degeneration. The large human brain coevolved with extended human longevity within the last 100,000 years in the harsh world of the Ice Age when intelligence became the basis for survival. Longevity was a requirement to develop a larger brain. The prolonged and complex development required to build the fetal brain left residual stem cells in protected niches in every cell as a reserve for future growth and renewal. What an elegant design — our body is manufactured to have all the spare parts we will ever need in the stem cells hidden in protected niches that can renew or repair damaged parts.


Dr. De Vany is a Professor Emeritus of Economics and the Institute for Mathematical Behavioral Sciences of the University of California, Irvine. He has published numerous scientific articles and books in his career and is listed in Who’s Who in the World. His work in spectrum laid the foundation for market allocation of spectrum use rights and auctions which has become the model for spectrum allocation through-out the world; his work on military manpower helped establish the viability of a voluntary force; his work in air transport was the first to forecast or anticipate the efficiency of the hub and spoke pattern of flight routing and frequency; his work in motion picture box office statistical dynamics established the “nobody knows” principle of uncertainty.

Dr. De Vany was one of the first proponents of what has now become the “paleo” diet and lifestyle and is often referred to as the “Grandfather of Paleo,” by The New York Times and The Times of London. He has lived half of his almost 80 years of life in the paleo way. He published his models and methods of an evolutionary lifestyle in his book, The New Evolution Diet, and is now working on a book on aging tentatively titled Renewing Cycles: Healing the wounds of aging through improved cellular defense and systemic renewal signaling.

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