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James Briscione

THE TALK: Who teaches the cooks to cook?

August 11, 2016


A culinary innovator and a two-time champion of Food Network’s CHOPPED, James Briscione is currently busy spearheading a new way to view ingredients. His work has been showcased at SXSW and featured on lots of three-letter acronym type networks but most importantly, he writes and talks about the science of flavor, to help people make food that tastes better”


James Briscione is the Director of Culinary Development at the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE).  Established in 1975 in New York City, as one of the largest and most diverse culinary schools in the world, ICE has helped many thousands of students to find their “culinary voice.” Each year, over 30,000 people come to ICE for culinary career training, recreational cooking lessons or special events.

James Briscione began his culinary adventures as a dishwasher at a brunch joint on Pensacola Beach and never looked back. Passing up a college football scholarship to spend more time in the kitchen, he worked his way up the line at Alabama’s Highlands Bar & Grill under James Beard award-winning chef, Frank Stitt, achieving the rank of chef de cuisine at the incredible age of 23. During his tenure at Highlands, the restaurant reigned as Gourmet magazine’s #5 restaurant in the nation. From there, James took on New York City as the sous chef in Daniel Boulud’s private dining room at Daniel. Since joining the Culinary Arts faculty at ICE, James has become a nationally recognized expert in sous vide and other modernist cooking techniques. Among his various media appearances, James is known for becoming the first-ever two-time Chopped champion.

James is always taking on new challenges and conceptual projects—such as ICE’s collaboration with IBM, which explores the influence of computational creativity on cooking. He has also published a cookbook with his wife, Brooke Parkhurst, called Just Married and Cooking, and maintains a website of the same name. Outside of cooking, James remains a passionate football fan, but his primary interest is in spending time with his wife and daughter, Parker.

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