Evening Lectures - Pensacola

Mark Reifkind

THE TALK: Energy, Mobility and Strength: Creating and maintaining them as we age

November 5, 2015


Mark has been training, competing, and coaching strength, endurance and movement for the last 43 years. He has beenĀ an Elite level gymnast and coach, competitive bodybuilder, a competitive power lifter for 13 years and National Team Coach for Team USA at the first Pan Am Powerlifting games and the World Championships in Chiba Japan. He has also trained as an ultra endurance athlete and triathlete.

Mark has been published in magazines such as IRONMAN, Velo News, and Milo magazine and is the author of Mastering the Hard style Kettlebell Swing and Restoring Lost Physical Function DVD. Mark has spent the last ten years as a Senior Instructor for the RKC, Master Instructor for StrongFirst and is now Director of Education for Strength Matters teaching Instructors around the world.

Mark was one of the first personal trainers in the country and has been working with clients since 1979.

His website is http://GiryaStrength.com.

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