William ‘Spider’ Nyland

Deputy Director for Defense R & D

Gen. William “Spider” Nyland (USMC, Retired) is Deputy Director for Defense R&D at IHMC; he joined IHMC in August 2006. During his active duty in the U.S. Marine Corps, he served most recently as Assistant Commandant. Prior to that, he was Deputy Commandant for Marine Aviation (2001-02), Chief Financial Officer for the Marine Corps (2000-01), Commanding General, 2d Marine Aircraft Wing (1998-2000), Deputy Commanding General of the II Marine Expeditionary Force (1997-98), and Deputy Director for Force Structure and Resources, J-8, Joint Staff (1995-1997).

Throughout a 37-year-career, he demonstrated exceptional, insightful leadership and expertise. In-depth knowledge of joint and coalition military operations and doctrine, combined with operational command and decision-making, have enabled him to acquire high skill levels in strategic planning, resource management, communications and team building, acquisition policy, financial management and analysis, requirements determination, systems integration, and international relations.