Vishnu Aishwaryan

Research Associate

Vishnua joined IHMC as a full-time employee in November 2020. He was a lab volunteer when he started at IHMC and was an intern during the 2020 Cybathlon.

He completed his master’s degree in mechanical engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, where he worked on a quasi-passive knee joint for an assistive exoskeleton. During his research he used a trade study approach to design a wrap spring clutch/brake knee joint, which he tested and optimized for better performance.

Toward the end of his thesis, he joined IHMC as a mechanical intern. He focused on designing foot soles, crutch user interface interface and redesigned backpack and thigh cuffs for the Quix exoskeleton project.

His future goal will be to design a rigid body exoskeleton for able-bodied people. His focus has primarily been on the hip design for the exoskeleton where he prototyped three different generations based on use-case scenarios and comfort. The latest design includes passive hip internal external rotation and abduction and adduction coupled with active flexion/extension.