Tim Hutcheson

Senior Research Associate

Tim Hutcheson (BS Computer Science) is a Research Associate at IHMC with experience in robotics, machine intelligence, image processing and distributed processing systems. Since joining IHMC in 1999, he has developed algorithms related to the detection of sedimentary rock for Mars autonomous vehicle exploration, implemented novel improvements in fuzzy clustering methods for feature detection, designed circuitry for various electronics projects, and designed a novel balancing combat robot for DARPA. He presently shares his time at IHMC designing hardware/software subsystems for the iLeader Urban Tactical Response, Awareness & Visualization project and the Assistive Technologies for Injured Service Members project. Prior to joining IHMC, Mr. Hutcheson held engineering and software management positions at Silicon Valley companies with disciplines as diverse as robotics, vision systems, wafer probing and neural networks based vision applications.

Selected Publications:

  • Hutcheson, T. L., Sutton, M., Bezdek J., (1999). Small target classification in LADAR images with fuzzy templates. SPIE Proceedings Vol. 3718 Automatic Target Rcognition pp.172-180.
  • Kolen, J. F., Hutcheson T. L. (2002). Reducing the Time Complexity of the Fuzzy c-Means Algorithm. Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, (TFS) 10(2):263–267, 2002.
  • Hutcheson, et al. (1992). Apparatus for Generating a Feature Matrix Based on Normalized Out-Class and In-Class Variation Matrices. United States Patent 5,161,204 Nov. 3, 1992
  • Hutcheson, et al. (2008). Reconfigurable balancing robot and method for dynamically transitioning between statically stable mode and dynamically balanced mode. United States Patent Application 20080105481 May 8, 2008