Phillip Turner

Director of Architectural and Engineering Services

Phil is IHMC’s director of architectural and engineering services. He is leading the effort to construct a new IHMC Healthspan, Resilience, and Performance Research Complex. He has been involved as project manager or project director for more than 40 years. He has served as the university facilities director over many university projects from science lab buildings to cancer research facilities, and the 260,000 square foot University of Florida McKnight Brain Institute. He has been a registered architect for 38 years and was licensed to practice is three states.

He earned his degrees in environmental design, architecture, and building construction from Auburn University. His professional career includes work as architect and technical director for ICF/DMS, Dewberry and Davis, LLC; project management for Biltmore Construction Company; director of facilities planning for University of North Florida; director of architectural and engineering services for University of West Florida; State University System Architect for the Florida Board of Regents.

Phil’s work has been to facilitate state of the art accommodations that allow cutting edge research to occur in multiple buildings over his architectural career as a design and management specialist. Two key projects in Phil’s repertoire are IHMC’s own Levin Center for IHMC Research on the Pensacola campus, and the University of Florida McKnight Brain Research Institute in Gainesville. The McKnight Institute is a renowned neuroscience and neuromedicine research facility housing four University departments conducting research disorders of the brain including neurodegenerative diseases, brain cancers, addictive and psychiatric diseases, stroke, acute spinal cord injuries and brain injuries as well as memory loss associated with normal aging. He served as SUS Architect (Project Director) responsible for selecting the design and construction team, reviewing design documents, and managing the project from the State level.