Matteo Bassani

Research Associate

Matteo joined IHMC full-time in October 2023 as a Research Associate after previously serving as an intern. His main research interests are machine learning and artificial intelligence all around, and he is focusing his studies on reinforcement learning applied to networking and communication protocols.

He joined the Dr. Niranjan Suri’s team to enhance his knowledge and understanding of these technologies.

He had been a student at the University of Padua, Italy, pursuing his bachelor’s degree in informatics engineering, and at the the University of Ferrara, Italy, obtaining his master’s degree in in automation and informatics engineering. He graduated cum laude with a thesis developed during his internship at IHMC, focusing on Optimizing Communications in Broadcast Networks through Graph-Based Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning.

During the second year of his master’s, he participated in the school’s international partnership program, which enabled him to earn a master’s degree in computer science at the University of West Florida.

His hobbies include traveling, playing volleyball, playing video games and cooking.