Landon Casey

Research Associate

Landon joined IHMC in October 2022 as a research associate working with scientists on human performance research projects.

Before joining IHMC, Landon graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in computer engineering. During college, he became involved in the center for entrepreneurship and outreach in the MSU college of business and found a love for entrepreneurship.

Post college, Landon worked part time running a prototype and product design company, helping inventors, entrepreneurs, and other small businesses create tangible prototypes of their products and ideas. He also took on project management roles with these customers, working with manufacturers to take these products to market. This work spanned a wide range of categories such as athletics/sports, medical devices, and children’s toys.

Landon works with both additive and subtractive manufacturing techniques, along with circuit design, CAD modeling, and rendering operations. He hopes to be able to use his product development skills at IHMC to help take projects from napkin sketch to physical prototype.