James Lott

Senior Research Associate

James Lott joined IHMC as a research associate in 2001. Prior to joining IHMC, he earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Columbia University in New York City.

James’ areas of research include software agents, ontologies, and policies; cybersecurity; networking and protocols (mobile ad-hoc networks, p2p discovery); knowledge modeling and representation; linked-data and semantic reasoning; UI design; and social-network behavioral modeling and simulation.

James is one of the lead developers of CmapTools (and CmapCloud) concept mapping software, including client UI, server backend development, and web development (full-stack).

He was involved heavily in the development of the KAoS agent and policy services framework, a system for regulating the activity of entities (such as software agents) using semantic policies, backed by an ontology-based linked-data model (RDF).

In his spare time, aside from computers, James enjoys skiing (alpine and water), golf, playing guitar, woodworking, hi-fi stereo, customizing vehicles, and live music.