Jae Seok Oh

Jae-Seok Oh headshot

Research Associate

Jae joined IHMC in April 2022 as a research associate and software developer working with Dr. Robert Griffin and Dr. Sylvain Bertrand on SquadBot, Rough Terrain, and Val2 projects.

He earned a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in mechanical engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. He was working on a 3D meshing algorithm in the CMU Computational Engineering and Robotics Lab. He was originally interested in making and designing actual parts or products of an engineering system, but while at the CERLAB, he grew more interested in the software.

“IHMC has various exciting projects involving leading edge humanoid robots. What’s really great about them is you get to see the robots everyday and check the results of your work or programming in person, and also talk to the people who actually made the robots to better understand them. I felt it could be a great opportunity for me to learn and participate in studying and finding solutions to various obstacles in the world of robotics and engineering.”