Geoff Clark

Research Scientist

Geoff joined IHMC as a Research Scientist in May 2023, working with Dr. Robert Griffin and other members of his team. He previously worked at the Interactive Robotics Lab at Arizona State University. His research focused on building data pipelines to connect inertial, force, and vision data to machine learning models for fast inference and control.    

His work also created adaptable policies with reinforcement learning on simulated legged robots with domain randomization for sim-to-real transfer.    

Geoff is pursuing his Ph.D. at Arizona State University, where he also earned his master’s degree in electrical engineering and bachelor’s degree in robotics engineering.   

He also served as a mentor for robotics and machine learning for Desert Women in Autonomous Vehicle Engineering (WAVE).  He earned a Deans Fellowship and an Arizona Graduate Scholar Award while studying at ASU.  

In his free time, he enjoys playing piano, photography, motorcycle repair, woodworking, and dogs.