Franco Lodato

Research Associate

Franco Lodato is a pioneer in the field of bionics; the theory and practice of nature-inspired design. He has extensive experience in full concept to market product design in diverse contexts—from home environments (Herman Miller and Gillette) to consumer-high tech (Motorola, Google) to high-end consulting (Pininfarina, Continuum, and Skylabs). He is also regular speaker in design and innovation conferences worldwide.
Franco Lodato holds over 70 U.S and international patents ranging from novel health care devices, to personal grooming, and electronic consumer products. He is currently involved in the creation of next generation chronic health wearable technologies using VR / AR Internet-of-Things (IoT) concepts.
Master of Science, Industrial Design, European Institute of Design, Milan, Italy 1989 – Graduated Summa Cum Laude
Honorary PhD. in Design Methodology from University Nueva Esparta ,Caracas- Venezuela 2016