Edward Cranford

Research Scientist

Drew joined IHMC as a Research Scientist in January 2024 working with Dr. Kevin Gluck, among others. He will bring his expertise in computational cognitive modeling to a wide range of research topics in healthspan, resilience, and performance, in addition to other areas of research.

His research interests include decision-making, learning, and expertise in human-machine interactions, with a focus on developing methods for integrating computational cognitive models with machines to personalize human-machine interactions.

Drew earned his Ph.D. in cognitive science from Mississippi State University. He most recently was a faculty researcher at Carnegie Mellon University with the Functional Modeling Systems group, directed by Dr. Christian Lebiere. His focus of research was primarily in developing instance-based learning cognitive models of end-user decision making to improve cybersecurity defense and training.

In his spare time, Drew enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing, kayaking, golf, and tennis. Originally from the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Drew chose IHMC because of the opportunity to pursue innovative and influential research with an astounding team of professionals in proximity to family — and the beach.