Dave Blakely

Visiting Research Scientist

Dave Blakely is a Visiting Research Scientist at the Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition. He is also an innovation consultant who helps his clients to explore links between emerging technologies, business opportunities and customer needs. Blakely’s project work involves helping companies to build innovative teams who can deliver breakthrough products and services to the market. He also helps organizations foster a culture of innovation to maintain market leadership. Blakely helps global companies understand how attributes of Silicon Valley culture can transcend political borders and organizational charts. Of particular value for many of these clients is Blakely’s knowledge of emerging technology from Silicon Valley startups. He also advises executives at a number of different technology companies, serves on advisory boards for business and academia, conducts innovation workshops, and speaks frequently to academic and business groups. Blakely is proud to serve on the UC Berkeley Engineering Advisory Board, helping his alma mater to adjust the engineering curriculum to the needs of a rapidly changing global economy. He is also a faculty advisor to Singularity University, a new academic institution that understands and facilitates development of exponentially advancing technology to address broad challenges to humanity. Blakely received a B.S. in Engineering Physics (Class of 1982) with honors and an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering with a controls specialization (Class of 1983) with honors, both from the University of California at Berkeley. Blakely’s experience comes from 25 enjoyable years spent at IDEO, most recently as Director of Technology Strategy. In this role he built and managed strategic business relationships with several of IDEO’s technology-focused clients such as Cisco, Johns Hopkins and Qualcomm. In his earlier years at IDEO Blakely built and led a successful business unit of IDEO called “Smart Products” which focused exclusively on electromechanical systems with embedded controls. He and his 35-person team provided the market with full-service design and development of embedded systems by assembling an interdisciplinary staff of human-factors experts, interaction designers, and electrical, mechanical and firmware engineers, Working with his team, Blakely helped visualize the future of computing for Microsoft, created streaming media players for Philips, and created a new category of appliances for Whirlpool. Blakely holds six patents.