David Morris

Research Scientist

Dave has a long history in the study and application of physiological issues surrounding athlete performance. Previously, Dr. Morris has served as a strength and conditioning coach and a physiologist for the United States Olympic Committee and as a physiologist for USA Cycling. He also has run his own research, coaching, and consulting company focusing on competitive cycling performance. Dave has coached athletes to dozens of national championships, world cup victories, and world championships. In recent years, Dr. Morris has shifted his focus to the study of issues affecting elite warfighters. Dave has numerous research interests within the realm of human performance including exercise metabolism/biochemistry, exercise and metabolic acidosis, sport nutrition, hydration, optimization of training methods, and exercise in extreme environments. He is the author of dozens of peer-reviewed research articles and one book, Performance Cycling. Dr. Morris currently is an associate professor of kinesiology at the University of Texas – Permian Basin.

B.S., M.S. Exercise Physiology, University of Missouri – Columbia
Ph.D. Exercise Physiology, University of New Mexico