Choh Man Teng

Research Scientist

Choh Man came to the IHMC in 2000. Before that, she was in Sydney, and before that Rochester, N.Y., and way before that, Hong Kong.

Choh Man likes bicycles, kayaks, and Volkswagens that pose as lawn ornaments. In her spare time, she ponders issues in machine learning and uncertain reasoning.

Here are some of the projects she is working on.

Intelligent data understanding: Imperfections in data can arise from many sources. Data polishing copes with noisy data by pinpointing the locations of the imperfections and determining appropriate replacement values. This is one step beyond filtering which simply eliminates the noisy data. Polishing is information-efficient: it recovers the corrupted data.

Reasoning under uncertainty: Our everyday reasoning involves a lot of uncertainty. Nonmonotonic reasoning systems model the type of commonsense and scientific discovery process where conclusions asserted earlier may have to be retracted later. Uncertainty and uncertain reasoning are characterized using a combination of logic, statistics, and other formal constructs.