Clark Glymour

Senior Research Scientist Emeritus

Clark Glymour is Senior Research Scientist at IHMC. He also is the Alumni University Professor of Philosophy at Carnegie Mellon University.

Glymour holds bachelors degrees in Chemistry and in Philosophy and, after graduate work in Chemical Physics, obtained a Ph.D in History and Philosophy of Science from Indiana University in 1969.

He works on machine learning, especially on methods for automated causal inference, on the psychology of human causal judgement, and on topics in mathematical psychology.

His books include:
Theory and Evidence (Princeton, 1980);
Examining Holistic Medicine (with D. Stalker), Prometheus, 1985;
Foundations of Space-Time Theories (with J. Earman), University of Minnesota Press, 1986;
Discovering Causal Structure (with R. Scheines, P. Spirtes and K.Kelly) Academic Press, 1987;
Causation, Prediction and Search (with P.Spirtes and R. Scheines), Springer, 1993, 2nd Edition MIT Press, 2001;
Thinking Things Through, MIT Press, 1994;
Android Epistemology (with K. Ford and P. Hayes) MIT/AAAI Press, 1996;
Bayes Nets and Graphical Causal Models in Psychology, MIT Press, 2001.
Galileo in Pittsburgh, Harvard University Press, 2010 (with Wang Wei and Dag Westerstahl, eds.)
Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, College Publications, 2010