Carlos Mastalli

Research Scientist

Carlos joined IHMC as a Research Scientist at IHMC in April 2023. His appointment allows him to collaborate with the robotics team and other IHMC scientists. His research focuses on the intersection of model predictive control and machine learning for motor control in legged robots. 

His Ph.D. research was completed on “Planning and Execution of Dynamic Whole-Body Locomotion on Challenging Terrain” in April 2017 in the Dynamic Legged System lab at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia. He contributed to planning, perception and control framework for legged locomotion on challenging terrain. His career has included fruitful time in different European research institutions: IIT (Genova), ETH Zurich, LAAS-CNRS, the University of Edinburgh and The Alan Turing Institute. 

He focuses on the problem of loco-manipulation tasks since it combines the main challenges in robot mobility. His research combines the formalism of model-base approach with the exploration of robot data.