Brodie Mather

Research Scientist

Brodie is a Research Scientist at IHMC and principal investigator for ongoing and upcoming projects that emphasize interdisciplinary research spanning areas including artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, cognitive architectures, social psychology, natural language processing, and more.

As co-inventor of ask and stance detection with Dr. Bonnie Dorr, he has designed tools that aid in individual understanding through the processing of textual messages. The ask detection system identifies “asks” that a social engineer makes of a potential victim in order to defend against such attacks. Stance detection allows for the automatic extraction of beliefs that individuals hold and their attitudes toward those beliefs.

Brodie earned his Ph.D. at the University of West Florida in September 2023. His work focused on the development and evaluation of a framework for domain-specialization of stance detection. His earlier cybersecurity work with Larry Bunch focused on development of a human-centered visualization tool that captures and displays network traffic.

Brodie joined IHMC in 2017 to pursue that research interest in cybersecurity but says he has stayed as he found a passion for the ever-evolving nature of the work that is done here. With new projects and new proposals being written for fascinating and groundbreaking work, there is no shortage of interesting research to conduct.