Brodie Mather

Research Associate

Brodie is a research associate at IHMC whose research and development focuses on problems at the cross section of natural language processing and cybersecurity. As co-inventor of ask detection and stance detection with Bonnie Dorr, he has been able to design tools that aid in the understanding of individuals through the processing of textual messages.

For example, the ask detection system is able to identify “asks” that a social engineer makes of a potential victim in order to defend against such attacks. Stance detection allows for the automatic extraction of beliefs that individuals hold and their attitudes towards those beliefs.

Brodie is a Ph.D. student at the University of West Florida, where his work focuses on the development and evaluation of a general framework for domain-specialization of stance detection. His earlier cybersecurity work with Larry Bunch focused on development of a human-centered visualization tool that captures and displays network traffic. He is co-author of multiple papers in AAAI, COLING, and EMNLP.