Arghya Chatterjee

ArghyaChatterjee crop

Arghya Chatterjee is a student in the Intelligent System and Robotics Ph.D. program at the University of West Florida. his research interests focus on agile humanoid, legged & UGV perception, perceptive locomotion in off-road environments, and multiagent collaborative autonomous exploration in extreme environments.

He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. Arghya is working on humanoid platforms like Nadia, NASA Valkyrie, DARPA Robotics Challenge’s Atlas (Boston Dynamics Atlas Humanoid Robot), Quadruped Platforms like MIT Mini Cheetah and UGV Platforms. He has previous experience of working with Boston Dynamics quadruped Spot and a free-floating platform inside International Space Station (ISS) called Astrobee. He occasionally works on DARPA RACER Challenge as part of Team NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

His hobbies include playing cricket, singing, traveling, YouTubing and Segway riding.