Alexis Maslyczyk

Research Associate

Alexis splits time between the exoskeleton and humanoid robotics teams. He joined IHMC in January of 2021. Alexis’s top three research interests are sensors, actuators, and electronic design.

He is an electrical engineer with degrees from UTBM France and ETS Montreal. A native of Paris, France, Alexis studied in Canada for six years. He began his career in electric vehicles, though robotics is where his interests laid from a young age.

While coming to IHMC afforded Alexis the chance to escape Canadian winters for warm shores, it also gave him an opportunity to make a direct impact in the field of robotics.

“I got to join at a time when Nadia was first being assembled. Currently, we’re working towards replacing off-the-shelf electronics found in both the exoskeleton and Nadia with more customized and optimized electronic design which is pretty exciting! Along the way, I have gotten to make great connections in my network, and even better friends. 10 out of 10 — would recommend!”