Arash Mahyari

Research Scientist

Arash Mahyari is a research scientist at IHMC, focusing on machine learning, computer vision, deep learning, reinforcement learning, and data analytics. Prior to joining IHMC, he worked on developing advanced artificial intelligence for industrial robots at ABB Robotics R&D Center in San Jose, California. Arash holds a PhD in electrical engineering and an MSc in statistics from Michigan State University, as well as an MSc in electrical engineering from Shiraz University.

For his MSc thesis, Arash concentrated on improving the spatial quality of multispectral images using computer vision and image processing techniques. Later, he developed an algorithm that uses texture segmentation methods to detect surface defects in cold rolled steels and extracts statistical features to be classified by a trained neural network. Arash has also worked on various other computer vision projects, such as multi-view object representation, object detection and classification, and more. During his PhD, Arash utilized tensor analysis, compressive sensing, and dictionary learning to develop algorithms for event detection and tracking in complex networks.