We have a Virtual Fax Server, you can send faxes through a web portal.

Go to https://www.efaxcorporate.com/myaccount/homepage and log in with our fax number as the user, 8502024440, and Fax@IHMC2024 as the password.

Click on Send Faxes and fill out the First and Last Name and the fax number you are sending to (the country code is required, such as 1 for US), then click Add. If you want a Cover page then leave the check box checked for “Include Cover Page” and fill out the Subject and Message. Click the Choose Files button to upload the pdf of the fax you wish to send. Lastly click “Send Fax” button to send the fax.


IHMC Pensacola’s fax number has not changed, it is still 8502024440.

IHMC Ocala’s fax number is now the same as the Reception number, 3523873050.

Incoming faxes will be sent to the respective Front Desk in each location to be forwarded to the recipient.