Ionut Olaru

Ionut Olaru

Research Associate

Working with Jerry Pratt and Peter Neuhaus team in the Robotics Lab.

Ionut Olaru (Ph.D., M.Eng., and B.S. degrees from "Politehnica" Institute of Bucharest in Mechatronics with focus on Humanoid robot mechanical design) is a research associate at the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC).

Dr. Olaru comes to IHMC from CNRS - LIRMM French National Center of Scientific Research - Laboratory of Computer Science Robotics and Microelectronics Montpellier where he was a Postdoctoral research mechanical engineer designing and building the SHERPA Humanoid Robot.

The Novel Mechanical Design of Biped Robot SHERPA is based on 2 DOF Cable Differential Modular Joints.
M2V2 Robot
M2V2 Robot

At IHMC Dr. Olaru is working as lead mechanical design engineer on several projects founded by DARPA and NASA, focusing on improving the mechanical design of the M2V2 Humanoid Robot and on FastRunner: High Speed Dynamically Stable Biped Robot. He also contribute to IHMC Mina Exoskeleton assistive robotic device.

He concentrates on the understanding and modeling of bipedal locomotion and bio-inspired robotics.

Research Interests: Humanoid robots, Exoskeletons, Prosthetics, Bio-inspired Robots.


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